How Can We Preserve Handicrafts

The basic knowledge of art should be provided at schools. For example drawing, painting, craft work on papers and cloth. This knowledge makes children aware of arts and crafts and, importantly, children with extraordinary skills can be identified at an early age. Art is an expression of creativity, imagination and skills. Art can help us in living a balanced life because it gives outer passage to our hidden energies and skills. Art is an essential part of our life.


Handicrafts are the articles prepared by hand by using skills like sewing, weaving and carving on materials like cloth, paper and wood.

Skills are required in making crafts

Crafts do require some traditional skills like carving, sewing, weaving, knitting and understanding of different types of raw materials that can be used in the preparation of their articles. Apart from these, good knowledge of culture, religion and history of the nation is also required so that artists express the same in their artwork.

How can we preserve handicrafts?

Government should take active interest in handicrafts products and artists. They should give subsidies to those who want to start commercial production of handicrafts. Government should also organize exhibition of such products in different places of country. In addition, the government should honors the artists whose work is extraordinary. All these actions will attract others to pursue handicrafts. As a result, the industry can grow in the future. Handicraft is a traditional skill of a few cultures in our country. Because of industrial and economical development, many of them shifted to big cities and accepted new professions to earn their living. Moreover, the production process of handicrafts is slower that machines used these days. All these factors obliged artisans to look for a different occupation. Thus their knowledge did not pass on to their next generations, which has reduced the number of artisans.

We must promote our art and handicrafts products among foreigners. This gives two major benefits. First, foreigners buy the products if they like it, which increases earning for the artist and foreign revenues for the government. Second, foreigners promote our art and craft their countrymen when they go back to their country. This enhances the reputation of our country and also attracts more foreign visitors to our country.

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