How To Remain Happy Forever

How To Remain Happy Forever

How to be remain happy in life forever but first of all, I would like to tell you what is happiness, happiness can be defined as the inner satisfaction or attitude that makes us feel happy or to give a universal definition of happiness is next to impossible because the perception of happiness is different for different people. I think it is a reaction of mind to the outer situation based on the inner condition of thoughts.

In this sense it is a momentary response and we all know that any reaction of mind cannot sustain for a longer period of time. To me, happiness is a part of our consciousness. We should try to search it inside and not outside . It is impossible to remain happy for lifetime as per the general perceptions of happiness since it is only a momentary reaction.

However, happiness can be transformed from a way of reacting to a state of being. This state of being happy is a state of eternal happiness. Foe example, flower gives its fragrance to its surroundings till it is alive. It does not care whether someone is enjoying its fragrance or not. This transition can come by a non- judgment approach to the events of life.

Some people think that money gives happiness but money brings comfort, luxury, social status, sense of security and psychological gratification in life. If someone associates all such things with happiness, from his point of view, we can say that money brings happiness in life. However, I personally do not associate money with happiness, so I do not agree with this notion. Here are some tips that make you feel happy in daily life.

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Always think positive like always give first priority to the brighter side may your mind forced you to think negative try don’t let it.

Always try to think of the solutions not the problems. Try to devote your some time for watching comedy serials or listen music that relaxes your mind. Also submerge your ego also this is also one of the tips to remain happy.

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